Mkhululi Ncube: Project CAN DO

The CAN-DO project is a start up that aims to create an empowering market linkage for excess tomato produce produced by rural women vegetable sellers in Bomba, Gokwe and the ever growing market of schools and public health institutions in need of affordable tomato paste/puree and tomato sauce whilst incorporating a change in livelihoods of destitute or at risk urban women dwellers by helping them become financially literate merchandisers, marketers and salespersons of the rural Gokwe produced tomato puree/paste and tomato sauce.

Mercy Manyuchi: Project InstiBriquettes

The InstiBriquettes project provide a charcoal replacement made farm waste that power homes and create value for things farmers usually throw away. The charcoal briquettes from waste biomass are smokeless, have a higher heating value than wood. All this is made possible by the modified production process which uses both the carbonisation and pyrolysis technology.

Tawanda Chikosi: Project Road Rules

Road Rules project is a start up mobile application that was developed to disrupt the traditional and inefficient way citizens of Zimbabwe and Africa study and prepare for the acquisition of their driver's licenses. In the short term (12 months) the Road Rules App will focus on migrating people from using inefficient physical booklets and expensive driving school oral lessons, in the medium term (24 months) it will move people from physically going to the government offices to book for the driver's license test, and in the long term (24-36 months) it will computerise the actual testing by the government.

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